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December 5, 2010 / Chip

Special Talents

Wendy, Derek, and their son Oliver, who is a year older than Ellis, came over for brunch today. Ellis impressed everyone by making placecards for each person’s spot at the dining table. Her upper-case lettering is improving by the day. Oliver then spent some time demonstrating his skill in writing the number eight, which wowed Ellis.

Tonight, as I was putting her to sleep, Ellis asked, awe in her voice, if I knew that two 1s formed the number 11. I told her that it was indeed special that Oliver knew his numbers so well, and pointed out that he was a year older than her and that everyone had different talents. Wendy is good at arts, Mama helps other mothers and kids around the world, I work to protect nature, Oliver knows lots about birds and other animals, as well as numbers. “Papa, do you know what my talent is?” she asked. Lots of things came to mind, but I replied, “No, what?” We were lying down in her bed in the dark, but I could hear her smile as she said with assurance, “Taking care of Sevie.”


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